Monthly Quilt

There are only two more patterns for the "Flower Monthly Quilt" Series of "Oshare Kobo".
These are December and January Patterns.
It might take a few more months (years?) to finish the quilt, because I need to sew these patterns together, baste, quilt, and make bindings.

By the way, we got Yuu's first report card of High School last weekend.
It was mailed and when I opened it, I realized that there was no PE grade on it. It seemed that he had not taken PE.
We didn't worry toq much about that, because we could check his PE grade on the School Website, and he took the Final in the end of the last year.
However, it was very difficult to keep it completely out of my mind during the weekend.
He asked about it at the office and was informed that was because the PE teacher had not made deadline.

There are five letter grades: A(Excellent), B(Above Average), C(Average), D(Below Average), F(Failing).(There are six more marks like "Passing" or "No Mark", but I don't know what they are for.) You could get an A, if you get 90% and over, or a B, if you get 80% and over.
All scores from homework, small quizzes, and other assignments get graded, and the parents and students can check it on the Website. Some of the teachers send the grade via email to the parents. We are seldom to at ease about those grades.
It might have been intimidating if I got those reports when I was in High School. Sometimes I feel sorry for my sons.