My bag

My bag

My older son got back from Atlanta this morning, and the spring break is over.
This bag is for myself. I used a handle which I bought somewhere a few years ago. I am not sure whether it is a leather or a fake leather, however it looks sturdy.

My bag


a new cellphone pouch

I used scraps of my teacups to make this new cellphone pouch.
Clover's fusible piping code, which I bought from Japan, was very versatile. I wish I could find same things in the U.S.

my new cellphone pouch


Happy Easter

I found a run-away bunny in the sky on the way from Peet's Coffee.

Bunny Cloud


Long time no see

It has been past while since I stopped writing my blog in English.
Spring has come, and it is the best season to start (actually, re-start)
a new thing.
Let's see how long I can continue this blog.

Fabric Teacup

I made this fabric teacup yesterday.
It took a while for me to think how to create teacup shape.

This is the first day to start, so the shorter writing, the better for me.