2011 Advent Calendar 4

Advent Calendar 12/4/2011

Finally, I found "Pippin" at Campbell Farmers' Market today.


2011 Advent Calendar 3

Advent Calendar 12/3/2011

Chocolate Soy Panna Cotta, adapted from the recipe of Martha Stewart Living.

I started burden myself with exercise.
Yes, I joined a gym and did "turbo kickboxing" today.
It was hard to follow the movement and mine is not "turbo" but "weird":(


2011 Advent Calendar 2

Advent Calendar 12/2/2011

We have plenty left over of cookies, so I made simple dessert today.
Yogurt Fruit parfait with blackberries, grapes and pomegranates.
The recipe was adapted from Rumi Kojima's.


2011 Advent Calendar 1

Advent Calendar 12/1/2011

I had been writing "Advent Calendar" in my Japanese blog since 2007. Since I am not a constant blogger, it is difficult for me to write a blog everyday even if I write it in Japanese.
I don't know why I am going to expand my challenge, but this year I will write it also in English without my personal English proofreader, my older son, around me.

There is no theme for this Advent Calendar.
I just take a photo I cook and upload it.

I used "Oatmeal, Apricot and White chocolate cookie" recipe of Martha Stewart Living.
I baked them with dried peaches instead of dried apricots.