Cutie Pie

I thought today was the 28th instead of the 29th of December.
According to a Japanese custom, I should have done year-end cleanups all over the house this week. I have not finished yet.
Japanese prepare a special new year meal before the new year comes. It is called "Osechi Ryori". These dishes are traditional, but some people don't like it in these days.
So I will prepare some of them. "Kobumaki", which is my husband's favorite, and "Nishiki Tamago", my son's favorite.

I found a tutorial of a beautiful felt craft in Betz White.

Cutie Pie
All of the felt crafts of Betz's blog are so beautiful. The colorful cupcakes are amazing.
I put "Sirop de gingermbre citron" on the Cutie Pie, which my cousin sent to me. It warms up the body.


Christmas Ornament 2006

Our Christmas tree ornaments have no theme.
My husband doesn't want too many ornaments, but I want to decorate our tree with a lot of ornaments. So I added a few more ornaments this year.
I made this ornament with a charm pack.
It is easier to make a square one, but I love this round one, too.
Our tree is fake. I bought this one on our first Christmas in California, 1998. It looks little bit worn.
I have been longing for a white or pink Christmas tree.


Pajama Day

While Yu, my High schooler, is taut and nerves about his first "Final", seems like holiday break starts for Leo, a Middleschooler.
Today is "Pajama Day", so Leo wore his favorite pajamas, a sky-blue night gown, a Santa Claus hat and a scarf (a must for Chorus class). It looked weird, so I drove him to school in the morning, however, he got home on foot with such outfit. :-)
Tomorrow is "Color Day", the day after tomorrow is "Twin Day" and they have a class party on Friday.
Do they study this week? I don't know.

They will do "Secret Santa" in Chorus class on Wednesday. Leo will be Santa for Janet. Janet likes "Reading, Sleeping and Eating", so he needed to prepare a present related to them.
Everyone has likes and dislikes about the genre of books, and foods are prohibited for the present.
I made a book cover for her.
Book Cover
The blue one is a sample, and the beige one is for her.
It was inspired by a book cover which I had bought more than 10 years ago.
I will wrap it up with some stickers to finish.
Purse Organizer
This is a Purse Organizer.
I saw it at The Giving Flower and asked to send me PDF of her tutorial.
Purse organizer
It would be very easy to organize goods in your bag with this Purse organizer.


One of the Days in December

I had gone shopping several times these two weeks. Shopping mall have been getting crowded day by day, and it seems that this weekend is only for the holiday shopping.
I am very happy when I buy presents for someone with their happy face in my mind.
In the evening, I became a personal driver of my son, and took him to the museum where he does his volunteer.
It was very difficult to drive in the evening twilight, especiall it was raining. I didn't want to get there and back twice in one and a half hour, Leo, my younger son, and I had been waited in our car. Leo was reading LOR, and I was quilting my Christmas quilt.
I got a new toy last week, but I have not enough time to make full use of the camera.


Button Wreath

Button Wreath

This is my Button Wreath, which was inspired by the old catalog. I don't remember the colors of the original one, so I made it my favorite pink and brown combination.


Starting my new blog in English

This is my 4th blog.
I am not sure I could manage all of my blogs, however, I started my English blog here for my English enrichment.


I am going to write the same things here in English and Hatena in Japanese.